Medi-Cal Redetermination has Resumed

Jul 09, 2024


As we know, Medi-Cal members have remained enrolled in the program due to the continuous coverage requirements during the Public Health Emergency (PHE). Counties were instructed to delay processing of redetermination until the PHE was lifted which occurred at the federal level as of May 11, 2023. Based on this instruction, redetermination activity resumed and processing began in April 2023 for redeterminations due in June 2023. As a result, some recipients could lose their coverage as of July 1, 2023 if redetermination documents are not completed or if they are no longer eligible for Medi-Cal. Along with people who moved during the pandemic, beneficiaries with limited English proficiency and people with disabilities are at a higher risk of losing coverage. Beneficiaries are encouraged to continue updating their information on the DHCS portal, report any changes in circumstances and check for upcoming renewal packets.


How is MedPOINT supporting this process for our IPA clients? 

  • We have added a ‘hold message’ to our client support queues reminding members to update their information and complete the redetermination packets once they arrive.
  • We are in the process of adding a message regarding this process to our external website and our internal web portal, MPMWeb advising providers regarding this process.
  • Once redetermination dates are received and validated from the Medi-Cal health plans, monthly reports will be created at the provider level with member redetermination dates so they can be downloaded and utilized at your location for outreach efforts.
  • MedPOINT has access to Robotalker member lists and can work with you to text this important information to your members. 

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