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MedPOINT Management has been helping Independent Practice Associations and Health Care Networks throughout California grow and prosper for over 25 years.

Our Legacy

Services and Support Built for Modern Healthcare

Flexible, innovative and adaptive technology and service programs that help our providers stay on the leading edge of Health Care reform.

Our Services

Convenient Digital Provider Library

Our resource library makes it easy for providers to find helpful information, forms, operational guidelines and health education materials in one place.

Our Library


Provider Spotlight

Educational Tools

Presentation Describing HCC Coding and its Impact.

Quality Measure Tools

Listing of 2016 HEDIS and STARs measures.

Technology Products

Overview of MedPOINT’s current technology products and solutions

Mission Statement

To provide quality management services for our Providers, Plans and customers/patients in a cost effective and efficient manner. This includes forming relationships with multiple health care payers to expand Provider enrollment and maintain financial viability for Independent Provider Associations (IPA) and for MedPOINT Management. Our goal is to provide positive customer service for a successful future in an ever changing health care environment.

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