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  • The New Provider Training modules comprise IPA and Health Plan-specific topics. They provide an overview of
    Medi-Cal programs and resources relevant to successfully managing your assigned Medi-Cal
    members. Some of the topics covered in training are as follows:

    • Medi-Cal Programs Training*
    • Clinical Protocols and Evidence Based Guidelines Training (All Lines of Business)*
    • General Procedures*
    • Member-focused training requirements*
    • Compliance-focused training requirements*
    • IPA Requirements*

    * Provider Training ^ Office Staff Training

    Please be sure to complete all trainings in their entirety and submit requisite attestations to fulfill mandatory new provider training requirements to PNOApplication@medpointmanagement.com

    If you have any questions, please contact NPT@medpointmanagement.com

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    Please complete the electronic and paper-based attestation forms after reviewing the
    necessary training documents.

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