Please be advised that MedPOINT Management (MPM) will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday beginning 5pm on Wednesday November 24, 2021, reopening Monday, November 29, 2021.

Beginning Wednesday the 24th at 5pm, MPM will be moving our headquarters from Woodland Hills to Sherman Oaks.  Our servers will be down in conjunction with this move and as such the MPM Authorization Web Portal will be down.  We anticipate all systems to be back up by Sunday, November 28th.

MPM On-Call Nurses will be available at (818) 702-0100.

If you need to send over any urgent documents related to higher level of care requests, discharge needs or MD orders, please send to ALL of the email addresses below:

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with  you.

Adventist Health Physicians Network IPA(747) 287-0119(747) 287-0119(747) 287-0121
Adventist Health Plan Provider Network(818) 553-6745(818) 553-6745(818) 553-6742
Associated Hispanic Physicians of Southern California, Inc.(818) 791-4017(818) 791-4017(818) 791-4020
Bella Vista Medical Group IPA(818) 466-6535(818) 702-1730(818) 702-9619
Centinela Valley IPA (818) 466-6537(818) 466-6537(866) 393-9380
Community Care IPA(818) 699-0034(818) 699-0034(818) 699-0032
El Proyecto del Barrio, Inc.(818) 466-6535(818) 702-1730(818) 702-1727
Family Care Specialists IPA(818) 686-5125(818) 686-5125(818) 686-5126
Global Care Medical Group IPA(818) 466-6535(818) 702-1730(818) 702-9695
Health Care LA, IPA(818) 466-6535(818) 702-1722(818) 702-1744
Integrated Health Partners
Premier Physician Network(818) 466-6537(818) 466-6537(818) 466-6536
Prospect Medical Group(818) 466-6535(818) 444-1209(818) 444-1208
Prudent Medical Group(818) 960-0168(818) 960-0168(818) 960-0167
Watts Healthcare Corporation(818) 466-6535(818) 702-1722(818) 702-1739