Sheldon Lewenfus

VP, Business Affairs

Sheldon Lewenfus began his journey with MedPOINT Management over 25 years ago, as their Chief Financial Officer. An accountant by profession, Mr. Lewenfus led the finance team at MedPOINT for nearly 20 years, helping to grow the organization into the success it is today before transitioning to his current role as Vice President of Business Development. 

A graduate of City University in New York with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Mr. Lewenfus began his professional career prosecuting white collar crime with the U.S. Justice Department. He then moved into public accounting, starting and running several successful companies. Eventually, Mr. Lewenfus made his way to health care, helping Cedars-Sinai build their Independent Physician Association before working with other influential Medical Service Organizations and eventually joining the MedPOINT team. 

Currently, Mr. Lewenfus guides business development for MedPOINT. This includes developing big-picture growth initiatives and strategic planning, negotiating with government agencies, tax authorities, and health plans, as well as leading the MedPOINT legal team. 

Mr. Lewenfus serves as Vice President of the MedPOINT Management Board of Directors and is proud to represent the best interests of MedPOINT stakeholders at all board meetings.

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