Quality Measures (QMs) are the cornerstone of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare, helping us to refine processes, identify gaps, and promote improved patient outcomes.  Embracing these measures not only benefits our patients, it also helps ensure continued provider/clinic and organizational success, as QM requirements continue to be a growing influence in healthcare.

Interpreta – MedPOINT’s quality platform is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps us to identify patients that need to close quality gaps.

Updated weekly, Interpreta provides a real-time snapshot of what preventive and quality measures are due which should assist you when members call or come in to the office for any reason.  By integrating Interpreta into everyday patient engagement workflows, practices can ensure that staff make appropriate appointments and necessary referrals at every point of patient engagement.

If you haven’t set up Interpreta access for your practice, please request login(s) by emailing interpreta@medpointmanagement.com, and providing your IPA name(s), NPI(s), and Provider/Clinic name(s) plus the following for each person you wish to provide access:

  • Each user’s first and last name
  • Each user’s job title
  • Each user’s email address

To further help maximize the Interpreta platform, training is available on an ongoing basis.  To schedule a Webinar or in-person training, please contact your HEDIS/Stars Specialist by emailing qualitymeasures@medpointmanagement.com or calling 818.702.0100, ext 1353.