We are pleased to announce that the MedPOINT- Episource HEDIS Portal is now available. The portal will provide HEDIS performance information by selected line of business.

Data on the portal will be refreshed quarterly and provide summary IPA level and individual provider and/or clinic level data for analysis and member outreach purposes. Once you log in, a user guide is available on the site.

To register, please do the following:

  • Input the following URL into your browser: https://hedis.episource.com and you will automatically be directed to the login page. [Note: Chrome or IE v10 or higher are preferred browsers]
  • Click the ‘Register as a new user’ link toward the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the account registration page.
  • For HCLA, EPDB and Watts, please enter your Vendor ID which will be the Clinic’s Tax ID without punctuation. For all other IPAs, please enter your provider NPI number.
  • Next enter the correct IPA code when requested to enter your IPA name.
  • In the next field, create a password that is at least seven (7) characters and includes at least one capital letter, one number and one symbol.
  • You will then be asked to re-enter the password.
  • Once registered, you will only need to enter your vendor ID and password to enter the site. Please note that the logins are clinic specific and not assigned at the user level.

The following reports will be available on the site.

  • Provider/Clinic Summary Report: This will display your individual clinic’s HEDIS performance ratings by line of business with a corresponding dashboard.
  • IPA Level Summary Report: This will display the IPA’s HEDIS performance ratings by line of business.
  • Member Quality Compliance Report Cover Page: This document describes the information available in the Member Quality Compliance Report.
  • Member Quality Compliance Report: This report will provide you with member level details regarding which members have met and which members have not met the requirements to fulfill selected quality measures.

The current reports posted reflect administrative data received by MedPOINT for Q1 2016. Measures that require pharmacy data will also be included when available. Data received directly at the health plan is not included. If you submitted supplemental data to MedPOINT, this data is currently not included in the summary.

This is a good opportunity to begin using the reports for member outreach as many of the measures can easily be met early in the year.

We hope that you find the reports useful and that you will use them to continually improve individual clinic and IPA performance in these areas.

If you have any questions, please e-mail qualitymeasures@medpoint.flywheelsites.com or call 818.702.0100 x353.